Coin Counters - Procoin PRC-100

Procoin PRC-100
Тhis multi-product represents an effective concept for processing coins. The PRC-100 is mainly used for counting coins or chips. Able to count without a break or before a certain value. It is also predict for counting coins presortirani. adjustment is simple with two handles.

One adjustment lever is sufficient to select a setting of ten different denominations. All denominations that are smaller than 0.5 mm predsortiraat provided automatically. Memory allows preservation of coins scored.



Coin Counters - Procoin PROWRAP


Binding forgings made ​​an average speed of 25/35 (M / L) rolls per minute.


Coin Counters - Procoin PRC-220

Procoin PRC-220

Counter of coins possessing high capacity input section and count to 9 denominations simultaneously.


Coin Counters - Procoin PRC-310

Procoin PRC-310

This model has a very rugged construction of mainly steel and stainless steel as utilized in many high-end coin sorters. It’s compact size lends itself to easy transfer between sites. The machine offers especially for its price range exceptional quality as a very big motor, mainly metal and stainless steel components like used in bigger models like this model. Due to the compact dimensions it is also suitable for mobile use.



Бројачи на кованици - Procoin PRC-330

Procoin PRC-330

This model is a rail coin sorter that can count and sort up to eight coin denominations. coin sorter utilises the very latest (foreign) coin detection system Coinsure Adaptive®. The sorting is done corresponding to the coin diameter. It has a large inspection tray to allow the coins to be cleaned before entry into the hopper. Output is to a single drawer or bag or coin roll tube (optional) per denomination.



Coin Counters - Procoin PRC-350

Procoin PRC-350

Machine that sorts the coins and count them with each denomination are separates in a special drawer.



Coin Counters - Procoin PRC-420

Procoin PRC-420

Fast sorter machine which counts to 8 denominations and has the latest software for the detection of coins and it is possible to connect to the printer.

Count coins with a diameter of 14-34mm and upgrades for all possible currencies.The capacity of the input section is 12,000 coins, and the speed is of the kind from 1500 to 1800 / min.



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