Postal equipment - Neopost IJ-50

Neopost IJ-50
Advanced, automatic processing postal system that can be used by anyone. Combines the features of postal machines with high capacity with quiet and easy operation. IJ-50 uses advanced inkjet technology that produces accurate, clear and clean watermark that gives a positive message about your business. Choose any of the user promotional slogans or create and adjust your text message in a few seconds.



Postal equipment - Neopost IJ-70

Neopost IJ-70

Mailing solution with high performance, ease of use and flexible for upgrade as your needs grows. Combines speed and efficiency with simplicity to handle a variety of jobs,including large mails during peak business periods.


Postal equipment - Neopost DS-1000

Neopost DS-1000

This machine is reserved for the services of the clients. This solution will help them to increase the volume of the work, and to promote the sale of DS 1000 by creating reference side in the country. Toni Jakovcevski the owner and the whole Biroform team have already some ideas for developing new DS-1000 project in Macedonia - Dror Allouche, Neopost Headquarters. Biroform, historical partner in Macedonia installed the first DS-1000 in the country.


Postal equipment - Neopost DS-1200 Postal equipment - Neopost DS-1200 Postal equipment - Neopost DS-1200

Neopost DS-1200

Designed to operate at the highest practical speed and efficiency - up to 12,000 envelopes per hour – streamlining the entire mailing process, from input to throughput to output, even during peak or rush times.


Whatever your business requirements are, the DS-1200 can be configured with the appropriate modules to precisely meet them. You can simply upgrade or expand your DS-1200 to suit. The high capacity sheet feeder and vertical envelope reception stacker enables you to maintain the highest level operational productivity.

Видео Neopost DS-1200 Video presentation - Neopost DS-1200  

Postal equipment - Neopost SI-92

Neopost SI-92

Machine for enveloping of documents, or inserting of exact number of documents and leaflets in envelope, closing and sealing of the same.



Postal equipment - Neopost DS-200

Neopost DS-200

Machine for inserting and folding of documents with possibility for memorizing of non limited working processes. There is possibility for automatic adjust by which you get on time, the inserting speed is 4.800 envelopes per hour.



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