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We are proud to introduce the system that will allow to bring your business at the highest level in terms of performance - productivity, and to bring operational costs to a minimum. Almost every scenario of the system is possible because of the great customization opportunities and the great range of available options.

Sectors that would have most benefit from this are: banking, sales and information sectors, entertainment, public health, civil services, ect. Terminals are equipped with touch screen and simple user menu available in multiple languages. This device, using our hardware and software solutions, makes the service simple for end users when they are paying bills for utilities, telecommunication services, and payment of other types of bills.


● Payment of bills (water, electricity, heating),
● Payment of bills for mobile phones and recharge of mobile credit,
● Stock Information Kiosk - Online Banking,
● Printing documents for the users needs,
● Catalog sales with cash and credit cards,
● Promotional / advertising stands - games arcade,
● Communication services - phone, video, fax and e-mail,
● Order tickets for cinema, theater, opera,
● Pharmacies and health organizations,
● Аптеки и здравствени организации,
● Airlines - information, ticket ordering and checking,

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